Kyuchul Lee

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Structured documents have gained popularity with the advent of documentstructure markupstandards such as SGML, ODA, HyTime, and HTML.Document management systems can provide powerful facilities by maintaining thestructure information of documents.Since the hypermediadocument is also a kind of structured document, wecan apply the results of many studies,(More)
* This works are partially supported by project of development for Industry technology, which is funded by MIC(Ministry of Information and Communication) of Korea Abstract As the proliferation of the Internet, especially World Wide Web, numerous information resources have been constructed. The characteristics of information resources on the Internet are(More)
As insufficient access to clean water is expected to become worse in the near future, water purification is becoming increasingly important. Membrane filtration is the most promising technologies to produce clean water from contaminated water. Although there have been many studies to prepare highly water-permeable carbon-based membranes by utilizing(More)
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