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The DO Collaboration reports on a search for the standard model top quark in pp collisions at +s = 1.8 TeV at the Fermilab Tevatron with an integrated luminosity of approximately 50 pb '. We have searched for tt production in the dilepton and single-lepton decay channels with and without tagging of b-quark jets. We observed 17 events with an expected(More)
We show that the demand for news varies with the perceived affinity of the news organization to the consumer's political preferences. In an experimental setting, conserva-tives and Republicans preferred to read news reports attributed to Fox News and to avoid news from CNN and NPR. Democrats and liberals exhibited exactly the opposite syndrome—dividing(More)
This article explores two hypotheses about how voters encounter information during campaigns. According to the anticipated agreement hypothesis, people prefer to hear about candidates with whom they expect to agree. The ''issue publics'' hypothesis posits that voters choose to encounter information on issues they consider most important personally. We(More)
Natural disasters are typically occasions for political unity rather than controversy. In the aftermath of large-scale death and destruction, Americans reach for their wallets rather than engage in rancorous debates over fixing responsibility and blame. Hurricane Katrina proved an exception. In the first place, it was quickly apparent that government(More)