Kyu Kyu Hlaing

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Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging is extremely important for detection and characterization of high-risk atherosclerotic plaques as well as gastrointestinal diseases. Recently, intravascular photoacoustic (IVPA) imaging has been used to differentiate the composition of biological tissues with high optical contrast and ultrasonic resolution. The(More)
A previously developed Russell's viper venom toxoid in Myanmar is in a liquid form that shows reversion in the form of a reduced number of formaldehyde linkages and toxicity during storage at 37 degrees C and at room temperature. In order to have a safe, potent and stable toxoid, a lyophilized form was prepared in the present study from the liquid toxoid(More)
Macrophages are excellent imaging targets for detecting atherosclerotic plaques as they are involved in all the developmental stages of atherosclerosis. However, no imaging technique is currently capable of visualizing macrophages inside blood vessel walls. The current study develops an intravascular ultrasonic-photoacoustic (IVUP) imaging system combined(More)
To minimize thermal injury, the current study evaluated the real-time temperature monitoring with a proportional-integrative-derivative (PID) controller during 980-nm photothermal treatment with a radially-diffusing applicator. Both simulations and experiments demonstrated comparable thermal behaviors in temperature distribution and the degree of(More)
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