Kyu Hwan Lee

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We recently developed an all-atom free energy forcefield (PFF01) for protein structure prediction with stochastic optimization methods. We demonstrated that PFF01 correctly predicts the native conformation of several proteins as the global optimum of the free energy surface. Here we review recent folding studies, which permitted the reproducible all-atom(More)
Due to the advance of WLAN technology, the use of the multimedia service such as the video streaming service has been increased in the home network or CCTV monitoring for cars or construction materials. However, we need to study the method which decreases the transmission delay and the frame loss rate to provide QoS of the video streaming service.(More)
The hydration and dissociation phenomena of HF(H(2)O)(n)() (n < or = 10) clusters have been studied by using both the density functional theory with the 6-311++G[sp] basis set and the Møller-Plesset second-order perturbation theory with the aug-cc-pVDZ+(2s2p/2s) basis set. The structures for n > or = 8 are first reported here. The dissociated form of the(More)
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