Kyu-Hwan Jung

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In this brief, a novel method that constructs a sparse kernel machine is proposed. The proposed method generates attractors as sparse solutions from a built-in kernel machine via a dynamical system framework. By readjusting the corresponding coefficients and bias terms, a sparse kernel machine that approximates a conventional kernel machine is constructed.(More)
This paper explores the possible application of a single SVM classifier and its variants to churner identification problem in mobile telecommunication industry in which the role of customer retention program becomes more important than ever due to its very competitive business environment. In particular, this study introduces a uniformly subsampled ensemble(More)
BACKGROUND The jugular vein cutdown for a totally implantable central venous port (TICVP) has 2 disadvantages: 2 separate incisions are needed and the risk for multiple vein occlusions. We sought to evaluate the feasibility of a cephalic vein (CV) cutdown in children. METHODS We prospectively followed patients who underwent a venous cutdown for(More)
Retinal vessel segmentation is an indispensable step for automatic detection of retinal diseases with fundoscopic images. Though many approaches have been proposed, existing methods tend to miss fine vessels or allow false positives at terminal branches. Let alone undersegmentation, over-segmentation is also problematic when quantitative studies need to(More)
This study aimed to compare shallow and deep learning of classifying the patterns of interstitial lung diseases (ILDs). Using high-resolution computed tomography images, two experienced radiologists marked 1200 regions of interest (ROIs), in which 600 ROIs were each acquired using a GE or Siemens scanner and each group of 600 ROIs consisted of 100 ROIs for(More)