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In this paper, we present the scalable and efficient flash file system using the combination of NAND and Phase-change RAM (PRAM). Until now, several flash file systems have been developed considering the physical characteristics of NAND flash. However, previous flash file systems still have a high performance overhead and a scalability problem of the(More)
Conventional prefetching schemes regard prediction accuracy as important because useless data prefetched by a faulty prediction may pollute the cache. If prefetch-ing requires considerably low read cost but the prediction is not accurate, it may or may not be beneficial depending on the situation. However, the problem of low prediction accuracy can be(More)
—In this paper, we present an efficient flash file system for flash memory storage. Flash memory, especially NAND flash memory, has become a major method for data storage. Currently, a block level translation interface is required between an existing file system and flash memory chips due to its physical characteristics. However, the approach of existing(More)
—In this paper, a fast path planning method by optimization of a path graph for both efficiency and accuracy is proposed. A conventional quadtree-based path planning approach is simple, robust, and efficient. However, it has two limitations. The first limitation is that many small cells are required to represent obstacles because the positions and shapes of(More)
In training a back-propagation neural network, the learning speed of the network is greatly affected by its learning rate. None, however, has offered a deterministic method for selecting the optimal learning rate. Some researchers have tried to find the sub-optimal learning rates using various techniques at each training step. This paper proposes a new(More)