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One of the most widely used wireless communication standards is a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) (IEEE 802.11). However, WLAN has a serious power consumption problem. In this paper, we propose a novel energy saving approach that exploits the multiradio feature of recent mobile devices equipped with WLAN and Bluetooth interfaces. Unlike previous(More)
In flash memory-based storage, a Flash Translation Layer (FTL) manages the mapping between the logical addresses of a file system and the physical addresses of the flash memory. When a journaling file system is set up on the FTL, the consistency of the file system is guaranteed by duplications of the same file system changes in both the journal region of(More)
In this paper, we present the scalable and efficient flash file system using the combination of NAND and Phase-change RAM (PRAM). Until now, several flash file systems have been developed considering the physical characteristics of NAND flash. However, previous flash file systems still have a high performance overhead and a scalability problem of the(More)
In this paper, we present an efficient flash file system for flash memory storage. Flash memory, especially NAND flash memory, has become a major method for data storage. Currently, a block level translation interface is required between an existing file system and flash memory chips due to its physical characteristics. However, the approach of existing(More)
Exploiting a multi-channel architecture of Solid State Disk (SSD) is a role of Flash Translation Layer (FTL) until now. A multi-channel FTL scheme increases I/O parallelism by spreading out pages in a logical block to multiple channels. However, this scheme has high garbage collection overhead for reclaiming invalid pages, thus resulting in the performance(More)
This paper presents a heuristic triangulation algorithm for reconstructing surfaces over a set of cross-sectional contours. The multiple branching problem, an important problem of conventional triangulation methods, is reated as a set of double branchings, and an algorithm based on countour merging is developed. Several imaginary contours are generated to(More)
With the widespread adoption of cloud computing, the ability to record and account for the usage of cloud resources in a credible and verifiable way has become critical for cloud service providers and users alike. The success of such a billing system depends on several factors: The billing transactions must have integrity and nonrepudiation capabilities;(More)
The recent technology faces the challenges to reduce energy consumption of DRAM, which consumes about 30% of total energy in data centers. Phase change RAM (PRAM), not requiring the charge current because of its non-volatility, has appeared for replacing DRAM. However, it has some disadvantages which are its low performance, high write power, and write(More)
Conventional prefetching schemes regard prediction accuracy as important because useless data prefetched by a faulty prediction may pollute the cache. If prefetching requires considerably low read cost but the prediction is not accurate, it may or may not be beneficial depending on the situation. However, the problem of low prediction accuracy can be(More)