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To elucidate the cellular functions of phospholipase A(2) in plants, an Arabidopsis cDNA encoding a secretory low molecular weight phospholipase A(2) (AtsPLA(2)beta) was isolated. Phenotype analyses of transgenic plants showed that overexpression of AtsPLA(2)beta promotes cell elongation, resulting in prolonged leaf petioles and inflorescence stems, whereas(More)
dHAND and eHAND are related basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors that are expressed in the cardiac mesoderm and in numerous neural crest-derived cell types in chick and mouse. To better understand the evolutionary development of overlapping expression and function of the HAND genes during embryogenesis, we cloned the zebrafish and Xenopus(More)
Within the sequence motif conserved at the extreme ends of the influenza virus vRNAs, a unique natural variation, U or C, is observed at position 4 of the 3' end. To test the role of this nucleotide, two isogenic A/WSN/33 viruses, carrying either C4 or U4 nucleotide at the 3' end of the neuraminidase (NA) gene, were generated. Compared with the C4 virus,(More)
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