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Bug reproduction is critically important for diagnosing a production-run failure. Unfortunately, reproducing a concurrency bug on multi-processors (e.g., multi-core) is challenging. Previous techniques either incur large overhead or require new non-trivial hardware extensions. This paper proposes a novel technique called PRES (probabilistic replay via(More)
The performances of three different stochastic optimization methods for all-atom protein structure prediction are investigated and compared. We use the recently developed all-atom free-energy force field (PFF01), which was demonstrated to correctly predict the native conformation of several proteins as the global optimum of the free energy surface. The(More)
We recently developed an all-atom free energy forcefield (PFF01) for protein structure prediction with stochastic optimization methods. We demonstrated that PFF01 correctly predicts the native conformation of several proteins as the global optimum of the free energy surface. Here we review recent folding studies, which permitted the reproducible all-atom(More)
The geometric design and chemical compositions of an implant surface may have an important part in affecting early implant stabilization and influencing tissue healing. In this study, in vivo behavior and mechanical stability in implants of three surface designs, which were smooth surface (SS), rough titanium (Ti) surface by plasma spray coating (PSC), and(More)
The search for efficient and predictive methods to describe the protein folding process at the all-atom level remains an important grand-computational challenge. The development of multi-teraflop architectures, such as the IBM BlueGene used in this study, has been motivated in part by the large computational requirements of such studies. Here we report the(More)
A ripple-structured ZnO film as the electron-collecting layer (ECL) of an inverted organic photovoltaic (OPV) was modified by atomic layer deposition (ALD) to add a ZnO thin layer. Depositing a thin ZnO layer by ALD on wet-chemically prepared ZnO significantly increased the short-circuit current (Jsc) of the OPV. The highest power conversion efficiency(More)
Photovoltaic systems have been extensively studied and, among them, organic solar cells (OSCs) have attracted particular attention due to their low price and the possibility of using them in fl exible devices. [ 1–4 ] One of the disadvantages of OSCs is their low chemical stability, which is due to the oxidation of their interfaces by oxygen and water and(More)
Permission to make digital or hard copies of portions of this work for personal or classroom use is granted provided that the copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies bear this notice and the full citation on the first page. To copy otherwise requires prior specific permission by the publisher mentioned above.(More)
Due to the advance of WLAN technology, the use of the multimedia service such as the video streaming service has been increased in the home network or CCTV monitoring for cars or construction materials. However, we need to study the method which decreases the transmission delay and the frame loss rate to provide QoS of the video streaming service.(More)