Kyu-Chul Lee

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MOTIVATION Protein-protein interactions play critical roles in biological processes, and many biologists try to find or to predict crucial information concerning these interactions. Before verifying interactions in biological laboratory work, validating them from previous research is necessary. Although many efforts have been made to create databases that(More)
We study the validation of XML documents when they are updated in XML databases. An XML document can be verified by checking against an XML Schema, which contains structure and type information of XML documents. However, most of XML database systems just validate the whole XML document, but can not validate parts of it. If updates are very frequent, then(More)
Recently, several researches have been performed for updating XML documents[1][2][12] stored in databases. These researches define update operations and resolve some semantic problems. However, because the update operations are usually validated after execution, conflicts can occur among them. Furthermore, in many studies for updating, they just validate(More)
Mobile devices are increasingly assuming an important role in ubiquitous environments. This paper proposes a DLNA-based efficient mechanism which aims to hide the heterogeneity of hardware, software, data formats and communication protocols. The proposed our architecture enables user applications to interact with data from a wide range of networked(More)