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Recently, the studies of human motion analysis have attracted great attention among the researches in the field of biomechanics, medicine and sports by analyzing the joints, postures, and movements of the human. Our research focuses on analyzing the joints movement of a professional golfer. We represent those joint movements with an articulate stick human(More)
Objectives: This study sought to provide guidelines in order to decrease the incidence of nerve injury during mandibular ramus bone harvesting, and to improve understanding of the anatomical structure of the inferior alveolar canal (IAC) to include its distance from the exterior buccal cortex. Surgery reporting various conditions underwent cone beam(More)
Nowadays, a lot of attention has been focused on developing human motion analysis system for sport science application. With the advance computational power and speed, computer researchers are now able to develop markerless human motion analysis instead of placing special markers and sensors onto the test subject. Our research focuses on tracking the major(More)
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