Kyriaki Neophytou

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Genetic Programming is a heuristic search algorithm inspired by evolutionary techniques that has been shown to produce satisfactory solutions to problems related to several scientific domains [1]. Presented here is a methodology for the creation of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) models for the prediction of chemical activity, using(More)
We present SemAnTE, a platform for marking and substantiating a semantic annotation scheme of textual entailment according to a formal model. The platform introduces a novel approach to annotation by providing annotators immediate feedback whether the data they mark are substantiated: for positive entailment pairs, the system uses the annotations to search(More)
We introduce a new platform for annotating inferential phenomena in entailment data, buttressed by a formal semantic model and a proof-system that provide immediate verification of the coherency and completeness of the marked annotations. By integrating a web-based user interface, a formal lexicon, a lambda-calculus engine and an off-the-shelf theorem(More)
Using data from a behavioral structural priming experiment, we test two competing theoretical approaches to argument structure, which attribute different configurations to (in)transitive structures. These approaches make different claims about the relationship between unergatives and transitive structures selecting either a DP complement or a small clause(More)
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