Kyria Rebeca Finardi

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Capacidade de memória de trabalho na produção e aquisição de uma regra sintática na fala em L2 ABSTRACT: This study investigates the extent to which working memory capacity is related to the production and acquisition of a syntactic structure of L2 speech. Information Processing Theory guides the research, as the authors assume the operation of a dual code(More)
This is an experimental study which aimed at investigating the ralationsship between working memory capacity and measures of L2 speech performance in a picture description task. The main assumption underlying the present study was that L2 speaking is a complex cognitive task which is carried out within the constraints of a limited-capacity system, namely,(More)
Capacidade de memória de trabalho através de níveis de proficiência oral em L2 Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) Natal – Rio Grande do Norte/Brasil ABSTRACT: This study investigates whether working memory capacity (WMC) varies across languages and in the course of L2 speech proficiency levels. Following suggestions in Finardi and(More)
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