Kyria Rebeca Finardi

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This is an experimental study which aimed at investigating the ralationsship between working memory capacity and measures of L2 speech performance in a picture description task. The main assumption underlying the present study was that L2 speaking is a complex cognitive task which is carried out within the constraints of a limited-capacity system, namely,(More)
This study investigates the extent to which working memory capacity is related to the production and acquisition of a syntactic structure of L2 speech. Information Processing Theory guides the research, as the authors assume the operation of a dual code cognitive system made up of a rule-based and a memorybased system (SKEHAN, 1998) responsible for(More)
This study investigates whether working memory capacity (WMC) varies across languages and in the course of L2 speech proficiency levels. Following suggestions in Finardi and Weissheimer (2009) and Prebianca (2010), who found that WMC varied as a function of L2 speech proficiency, the present study assessed three proficiency levels (elementary, intermediate(More)
The study investigates possibilities and limitations of the course My English Online (MEO) for the inverted classroom format. Two hundred and eighty-nine Brazilian federal university students evaluated the MEO software in terms of usability features. Three participants were interviewed for data triangulation. Results of the study suggest that users with(More)
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