Kyran Mish

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The computability of nonlinear problems in solid and structural mechanics problems is examined. Several factors which contribute to the level of difficulty of a simulation are discussed: the smoothness and stability of the response, the required resolution, the uncertainties in the load, boundary conditions and initial conditions and inadequacies and(More)
We present the development and use of a novel distributed geo-hazard modeling environment for the analysis and interpretation of large scale earthquake data sets. Our work demonstrates, for the first time, how earthquake-related surface deformation measured from satellite images using imageodesy algorithms is coupled with analysis and simulation using(More)
System identification for structural engineering has received significant attention in the last thirty years. With the ever increasing capacity of computing technology, system identification has been applied to important structures such as bridges and aircraft. In the case of bridges, the output can easily be measured by accelerometers. Considerable(More)
A Discovery Net project that has been investigating the relationship between macro and micro-scale earthquake deformational processes has successfully developed and tested a geoinformatics infrastructure for linking computationally intensive earthquake monitoring and modelling. Measurement of lateral co-seismic deformation is carried out with imageodesy(More)
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