Kyra Cottrell

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  • K Cottrell
  • 1997
Educators are rising to the challenge of making continuing medical education relevant, valuable and enjoyable for physicians. Lectures are being replaced by small-group, interactive sessions that try to ensure physicians come away with clinically relevant information that will affect daily practice. Community-based programs also allow physicians to fit(More)
  • K Cottrell
  • 1996
Many Canadians are interested in alternative medicine, and burgeoning public interest in herbal remedies has not gone unnoticed by Canada's drug companies. McNeil Consumer Products recently began selling a migraine prophylaxis made from the plant feverfew. Physicians who would like to see herbal medications subjected to outcome studies and quality-control(More)
Admitting surgical patients as day cases rather than for overnight stays is one way of improving the use of resources and cutting waiting lists. But the way bed-use statistics are now presented can be misleading, and Kevin Cottrell, regional statistician, North Western RHA, suggests ways in which the treatment of day cases could be standardised and an(More)
The effects of citrate ion concentration and pH on the optical spectra and fluorescence decay have been measured for several tyrosine model compounds and lima bean trypsin/chymotrypsin inhibitor, a protein containing one tyrosine at position 69 and seven disulfides but no tryptophan, in order to determine the location and environment of Tyr 69. Tyrosine in(More)
Here, we report the draft genome sequences of Burkholderia pseudomallei and Staphylococcus aureus causing chronic rhinosinusitis. Whole-genome sequencing determined the B. pseudomallei as sequence type (ST) 1381 and the S. aureus as ST8. B. pseudomallei possessed the blaOXA-59 gene. This study illustrates the potential emergence of B. pseudomallei in cases(More)
A method of estimating catchment populations which is easily understood and calculable is described by Kevin Cottrell, North Western RHA statistician. It is based on traditional statistical theory and as such is robust in its application. It can give fairly accurate determinations of the population served by various services.