Kyparíssia Papanikolaou

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In this paper, we present an adaptive assessment framework as part of the diagnostic module in the Adaptive Educational Hypermedia System INSPIRE-INtelligent System for Personalized Instruction in a Remote Environment. The main goal of the assessment procedure is to provide assessment of learner’s knowledge level and to give the learner a chance to keep(More)
This paper presents the European project “Teacher Education on Robotics-Enhanced Constructivist Pedagogical Methods” (TERECoP). A first premise of this project concerns the implementation of constructivist – constructionist methods not only in classroom, but in teacher education as well. A second premise is referred to the technology-enhanced learning as(More)
This paper presents a constructivist methodology for teacher training in robotic technology and its implementation within the framework of a teacher training course. The methodology in question is aimed at keeping in line with the proposed use of robotics as a tool of constructivist teaching and learning and is meant to train teachers in the very way in(More)
Educational Software Design is a postgraduate course which deals with the design, implementation and evaluation of Educational Systems. A main focus of the course is the human-centred design methods for the development of Educational Software. Based on this approach at the final assignment some students were involved in the formative evaluation process of(More)
Lifelong Learning is a complex environment where strategic planning, coordination and collaboration between partners are needed. Lifelong learners form a rather diverse student population with a variety of backgrounds, evolving needs and varying accessibility requirements. Making lifelong learning happen in practice requires learners becoming more aware of(More)
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