Kyousuke Dobashi

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The integrated spectral energy distributions (SED) of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) and Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) appear significantly flatter than expected from dust models based on their far-infrared and radio emission. The still unexplained origin of this millimetre excess is investigated here using the Planck data. The integrated SED of the two(More)
Monochromatic hard X-ray inspection device based on Compton scattering effect between electron and laser beam is very useful for medical purposes such as for dynamic Intravenous Coronary Arteriography. To realize compact system of the monochromatic hard X-ray source a compact X-band (11.424 GHz) electron linear accelerator (linac) is introduced. The linac(More)
We present the statistical properties of the Cold Clump Catalogue of Planck Objects (C3PO), the first all-sky catalogue of cold objects, in terms of their spatial distribution, dust temperature, distance, mass, and morphology. We have combined Planck and IRAS data to extract 10 342 cold sources that stand out against a warmer environment. The sources are(More)
Planck allows unbiased mapping of Galactic sub-millimetre and millimetre emission from the most diffuse regions to the densest parts of molecular clouds. We present an early analysis of the Taurus molecular complex, on line-of-sight-averaged data and without component separation. The emission spectrum measured by Planck and IRAS can be fitted pixel by pixel(More)
A comprehensive description of a polarized positron project is presented in terms of physics motivations for utilizing a polarized positron in electron}positron collider experiments, a proof-of-principle experiment and a conceptual design of a polarized positron source for the future linear collider JLC. In order to verify a proposed method of creating(More)
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