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Predictions of flow and heat transfer characteristics and shape optimization in internally finned circular tubes have been performed on three-dimensional periodically fully developed turbulent flow and thermal fields. For a trapezoidal fin profile, the effects of fin height h, upper fin widths d1, lower fin widths d2, and helix angle of fin γ on transport(More)
Shape optimization of the airfoil with high aspect ratio of long endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is performed by the multi-objective optimization technology coupled with computational fluid dynamics (CFD). For predicting the aerodynamic characteristics around the airfoil the high-fidelity Navier-Stokes solver is employed and SMOGA (Simple(More)
The Prediction of aerodynamic characteristics and shape optimization of airfoil under the ground effect have been carried out by integration of computational fluid dynamics and the multiobjective Pareto-based genetic algorithm. The main flow characteristics around an airfoil of WIG craft are lift force, lift-to-drag ratio and static height stability (H.S).(More)
Numerical analysis for the aerodynamic characteristics of the WIG (wing-in ground effect) craft with highly cambered and aspect ratio of one is performed to predict the ground effect for the case of withand withoutlower-extension endplate. The analysis is included varying angles of attack from 0 to10 deg. and ground clearances from 5% of chord to 50%. Due(More)
quality of paper such as a basis weight is basically determined by uniform dispersions of fibers through a headbox which is one of the components of paper machine. This means that the flow analysis and shape optimization of headbox are the most important issue for achieving the high quality of paper. In the present work, the shape optimization of headbox is(More)
A Vehicle’s door wireing harness arrangement structure is provided. In vehicle’s door wiring harness (W/H) system is more toward to arrange a passenger compartment than a hinge and a weatherstrip. This article gives some insight into the dimensioning process, with special focus on large deflection analysis of wiring harness (W/H) in vehicle’s door(More)
In the automotive electronics industry, demand for low-cost, high strength-to in-service performance for electronic components continues to drive the development of vehicles’ door Wiring Harness (W/H) system for new applications. The problem of the fatigue strength estimation of materials or components containing natural defects, inclusions or in(More)
This research analyzes structure of flat panel display(FPD) such as LCD as quantitative through CFD analysis and modeling change to minimize the badness rate and rate of production decrease by damage of large scale plater at wafer heating chamber at semi-conductor manufacturing process. This glass panel and wafer device with atmospheric pressure or chemical(More)
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