Kyoungho Lee

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Intercalation-electrode materials are electroactive and serve as host solids into which guest species are reversibly intercalated from an electrolyte. Currently there are three intercalation materials that are used commercially as positive-electrode materials in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries: LiCoO2, LiNiO2, and LiMn2O4. LiCoO2 is the most popular(More)
Platelet- and fibrillar-structured V2O5 films have been prepared by solution methods, and their electrochemical Li+ intercalation properties have been studied. Platelet film consists of 20-30 nm sized V2O5 particles with random orientation, whereas fibrillar film is comprised of randomly oriented fibers though most of them protrude from the substrate(More)
Although it is well-known that TiO2 incorporation can greatly improve the cyclic stability of V2O5, the influences of TiO2 addition on the Li+ intercalation properties of V2O5 remain an issue of debate in literature. In this paper, we report on a systematic investigation of the preparation and intercalation properties of V2O5-TiO2 mixture films. The present(More)
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