KyoungHee Son

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Following the recent remarkable successes of crowdsourcing, there have been attempts to apply it to design. However a design problem is often too complex and difficult to break down into simpler, distributable tasks as required by the conventional crowdsourcing model. In this paper, we present Crowd vs. Crowd (CvC), a novel design crowdsourcing method,(More)
We present PhantomPen, a direct pen input device whose pen head is virtualized onto the tablet display surface and visually connected to a graspable pen barrel in order to achieve digital drawing free from pen occlusion and visual parallax. As the pen barrel approaches the display, the virtual pen head smoothly appears as if the rendered virtual pen head(More)
We present Color Sommelier, an interactive color recommendation system based on community-generated color palettes that helps users to choose harmonious colors on the fly. We used an item-based collaborative filtering technique with Adobe Color CC palettes in order to take advantage of their ratings that reflect the general public?s color harmony(More)
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