Kyoung-Whoan Suh

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This paper provides the study results of separation distance for land mobile station from the space surveillance radar operating in VHF band using methodology given in Recommendation ITU-R M.1461. Recommendation ITU-R P.1546 model is used for calculation of propagation losses and time rate of 1% is applied. In this sharing study, protection criteria based(More)
We propose the methodology of field strength prediction for a digital television (DTV) receiver by virtue of Rec. ITU-R P.1546. The curves shown in this Rec. represent the point-to area field strength for 1kW effective radiated power in the 30 MHz ∼ 3000 MHz. Some computed results are illustrated here from the formulation of field strength for DTV(More)
In this paper, a study is presented of the dynamic behavior of an automatic transmit power control (ATPC) loop in a single fixed wireless system (FWS) link subject to multipath fading and an uncorrelated co-channel interferer that does not use ATPC (this represents a so-called non-ATPC FWS link or a fixed satellite link). Fundamental questions include the(More)
In this paper, we presented a K-band Voltage Controlled Harmonic Oscillator(VCHO) with novel structure. The proposed VCHO is a structure of two hair-pin resonators placed on input and output of active device. By using in/out common frequency tuning structure, the VCHO produced some advantages of the enhanced characteristics of fundamental frequency(More)
This paper suggests an efficient and comprehensive algorithm of protection ratio derivation and illustrates some calculated results applicable to the initial planning for frequency coordination in the fixed wireless access networks. The net filter discrimination associated with Tx spectrum mask and overall Rx filter characteristic has been also examined to(More)
With the help of Rec. ITU-R P.1546 and geography information system, the interference analysis for the fixed wireless system and radar is presented based upon the frequencydistance rules with minimum coupling loss. To obtain the computational results, real geography information on the map was taken for the given area of 80x60[km] 2 , and field strength and(More)
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