Kyoung Moo Lee

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OBJECTIVE To describe inpatient course and length of hospital stay (LOS) for people who sustain brain disorders nationwide. METHOD We interviewed 1,903 randomly selected community-dwelling patients registered as 'disabled by brain disorders' in 28 regions of South Korea. RESULTS Seventy-seven percent were initially admitted to a Western medicine(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a quantitative and organ-specific practical test for the diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia based on assessment of stroke patients. METHODS An initial test composed of 24 items was designed to evaluate the function of the organs involved in swallowing. The grading system of the initial test was based on the analysis of 50 normal(More)
Primary Sjögren syndrome, which involves lesions in both the brain and spinal cord, is rarely reported. Related symptoms, such as intractable pain due to central nervous system involvement, are very rare. A 73-year-old woman diagnosed with primary Sjögren syndrome manifested with subacute encephalopathy and extensive transverse myelitis. She complained of(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between electrodiagnosis and various ultrasonographic findings of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and propose the ultrasonographic standard that has closest consistency with the electrodiagnosis. METHODS Ultrasonography was performed on 50 female patients (65 cases) previously diagnosed with CTS and 20 normal female(More)
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