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(2012) Geographical interdependence, international trade and economic dynamics: the Chinese and German solar energy industries. This document is made available in accordance with publisher policies and may differ from the published version or from the version of record. If you wish to cite this item you are advised to consult the publisher's version. Please(More)
All rotating components in machinery produce sounds that contain tonal components, and the presence of these tones can significantly affect the quality of the product sound. Tone corrections for metrics based on weighted, average sound pressure level have been used since the late 1960s to assess annoyance due to aircraft noise and to rate climate control(More)
Ensuring the education of marginalized children has become an important agenda in order to reach the goals of universal primary education and gender equality. Education policies and projects aiming to target marginalized children often do so on the basis of demographic variables, such as sex, ethnicity, poverty and geography. We argue that this approach to(More)
A 69-year-old woman diagnosed as having end-stage dilated cardiomyopathy had undergone partial left ven-triculectomy (PLV) in 1996. This is the first reported case of PLV (Batista procedure) in Korea. 1) She was doing well under the New York Heart Association class II diagnosis in November 2009 and had received 3-dimensional (3D) echocardiography for the(More)
We report our experience in coronary angioplasty and intravascular ultrasonography (IVUS) on a heavy, encircling, calcified lesion that was not dilated with the use of a cutting balloon and a non-compliant balloon. The angioplasty was successfully performed with a simple and inexpensive hugging balloon technique.
Due to their unique living conditions and dietary habits, the Koreans' renal function model may be different from that of the Western people. About 40 years ago, a researcher reported that two thirds of the urine osmolality in Koreans was contributed by NaCl, while less than 1/3 by urea. It is known that the Koreans' daily consumption of NaCl is higher(More)
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