Kyoung Ho Bang

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In this paper, we present a highly optimized one-chip digital audio decoder supporting both MP3 and AAC standards. The design has been focused on the hardware modularity for both MP3 and AAC. The hardware consists of a Huffman decoder module and 20-bit programmable DSP module. In addition, a hardware module for the prediction tool of AAC has been added to(More)
In this paper, a system architecture optimized for the 2-channel main-profile MPEG-2 AAC decoder is presented. In order to enable an efficient job scheduling and allocation, the presented system comprises three hardware modules: Huffman decoder module, predictor module, and processing core module which is programmable using an assembly language of its own.(More)
In this paper, we propose an audio transcoding algorithm for mobile multimedia applications. The algorithm is to provide high quality transcoded audio stream from a multimedia broadcasting media server system to mobile terminals. As a representative case, audio transcoder between T-DTV and T-DMB service is considered. While the Korean DTV audio standard(More)
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