Kyoung-Ae Kim

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Classical target-based, high-throughput screening has been useful for the identification of inhibitors for known molecular mechanisms involved in the HIV life cycle. In this study, the development of a cell-based assay that uses a phenotypic drug discovery approach based on automated high-content screening is described. Using this screening approach, the(More)
Phonological variation is conditioned by both grammatical and non-grammatical factors. Nearly all models of variation in phonological theory are exclusively grammatical, and do not account for the influence of nongrammatical factors at all. In this paper, I argue that an adequate theory of phonological variation should account for both grammatical and(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to describe technological development, caring attributes and professional self-concept as perceived by nurses in YanBian. METHOD Data were collected using an instrument containing 137 Likert items was administered to 477 RN's working in general hospitals in YanBian. The instrument contained sections which examined(More)
This paper examines the ambiguity of there-existentials with participial codas observed by Milsark (1974) and offers a systematic account thereof. Along the way, some of the debate on the constituent structure of relevant there-existentials will be settled. We also take a closer look at extractability from the participial coda and suggest a more pragmatic(More)
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