Kyou-Jung Son

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This paper proposed segmentized clear channel assessment (CCA) which increases the performance of IEEE 802.15.4 networks by improving carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMA/CA). Improving CSMA/CA is important because the low-power consumption feature and throughput performance of IEEE 802.15.4 are greatly affected by CSMA/CA behavior.(More)
An MPEG-2 AAC Huffman decoding method based on the fixed length compacted codeword tables, where each codeword can contain multiple number of Huffman codes, was proposed. The proposed method enhances the searching efficiency by finding multiple symbols in a single search, i.e., a direct memory reading of the compacted codeword table. The memory usage is(More)
The Feedback active noise control (FBANC) scheme is widely used in portable ANC applications. But the FBANC has un-stability problem caused by the modeling error of the electro-acoustic path in its feedback mechanism. To analyze the stability problem, we propose a new stability analysis method utilizing the magnitude component of the open loop frequency(More)
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