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Research carried out in authoring systems for embodied agent based presentations have traditionally been confined to scripted interactive presentations. In recent years, however, there has been a gradual shift to adopting a more dynamic approach that supports a higher degree of flexibility in user-agent interactivity, where the user is allowed to engage in(More)
This paper describes the results obtained and ongoing agenda of a research project on embodied conversational agents, carried out at the University of Tokyo. The main focus points of the project are the development of scripting languages for controlling lifelike agents and the modeling of affective interactions between agents and human users. Furthermore,(More)
  • K. Mori
  • 2003
This paper presents an alternative parameterization method of stabilizing controllers, which can be applied to the multidimensional systems with the structural stability. The result in this paper will not assume the existence of the co-prime factorizability. Unlike the previous results, this paper employs elementary matrix operations and neither the(More)
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