Kyoohyung Han

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We describe a polynomial-time cryptanalysis of the (approximate) multilinear map of Coron, Lepoint and Tibouchi (CLT). The attack relies on an adaptation of the so-called zeroizing attack against the Garg, Gentry and Halevi (GGH) candidate multilinear map. Zeroizing is much more devastating for CLT than for GGH. In the case of GGH, it allows to break(More)
The Learning with Errors (LWE) problem has been widely used as a hardness assumption to construct public-key primitives. In this paper, we propose an efficient instantiation of a PKE scheme based on LWE with a sparse secret, named as spLWE. We first construct an IND-CPA PKE and convert it to an IND-CCA scheme in the quantum random oracle model by applying a(More)
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