Kyongsok Kim

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The results of location-dependent queries (LDQ) queries generally depend on the current locations of query issuers. Many mechanisms, e.g. broadcast scheme, hoarding, or caching policy have been developed to improve system performance and provide better service, which are specialized for LDQs. It is necessary to design them considering geographical adjacency(More)
Streaming media has contributed to a significant amount of todaypsilas Internet traffic. Like traditional Web objects, rich media objects can benefit from proxy caching, but caching streaming media is more of challenging than caching simple Web objects, because the streaming media have features such as huge size and high bandwidth. Due to huge size of(More)
In this paper, we describe some consonantal and prosodic influences on vowel duration in Korean. In particular, the effect of different obstruents on the duration of following vowels was examined. With a large set of artificial utterances recorded by a single speaker, we studied four factors on vowel duration: the pre-vocalic context, the post-vocalic(More)
This paper introduces a new publicly-available Korean diphone database for speech synthesis and reports on our latest work towards a model of Korean prosody. The diphone database is compatible with the MBROLA programme of high-quality multilingual speech synthesis systems. The first part of the paper describes the phonetic and phonological structure of the(More)
The SMART(Server for Multimedia Applications for Residence communiTy) system is a special-purpose server developed by ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) which is designed for efficient streaming service over high speed networks. The server has maximum four 2-Gbps network cards and each of those network cards have some disks which(More)
In the current life, the Internet is playing a key role in transferring diverse information. As the performance of the Internet has been growing, transferred information has the form of multimedia streams such as video and audio. However, in current computing and internet environment, multimedia streaming service can't be accomplished smoothly due to the(More)
Although there exist many middlewares such as Havi, Jini, LonWorks, UPnP, and SLP, new middlewares specialized for diverse information appliances are expected to appear continuously as home networks evolve. In this paper, we first investigate an integrated architecture for supporting interoperability among heterogeneous middlewares on home networks. We then(More)