Kyong-Ho Lee

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Most of studies on the automated generation of composite Web services create composite services by chaining available services’ inputs and outputs, but do not consider their functional semantics. Therefore, unsatisfied results may be generated against users’ intentions. Furthermore, the time complexity is very high since every possible combination of(More)
As a de facto standard, OWL-S enables the semantic description of Web services, resulting in the automated discovery, selection, and composition of Web services. However, the complexity of the OWL-S grammar makes it difficult to construct an OWL-S ontology manually. This paper presents an efficient method for generating OWL-S ontologies from UML diagrams,(More)
ÐGeometric structure analysis is a prerequisite to create electronic documents from logical components extracted from document images. This paper presents a knowledge-based method for sophisticated geometric structure analysis of technical journal pages. The proposed knowledge base encodes geometric characteristics that are not only common in technical(More)
Although physiologically-indicative signals can be acquired in low-power biomedical sensors, their accurate analysis imposes several challenges. Data-driven techniques, based on supervised machinelearning methods provide powerful capabilities for potentially overcoming these, but the computational energy is typically too severe for low-power devices. We(More)
In the ubiquitous era, for web services to become a universal communication paradigm, mobile devices enabled with web services should be considered. This paper presents a lightweight framework for hosting web services on mobile devices. The proposed framework contains several built-in functionalities such as the processing of SOAP messages, the execution(More)
Advanced devices for embedded and ambient applications represent one of the most compelling classes of electronic systems, but they also impose more severe constraints on system resources than ever before. Although platform non-idealities have always posed a fundamental limitation, the overheads of conventional margining are now reaching intolerable levels.(More)
Web services allow devices running on different platforms to communicate with one another using standardized definitions and access ways. Due to recent developments in mobile networks and devices, many researches are on going to apply Web services to mobile network environments. In this paper, we propose an efficient method that discovers services based on(More)
Low-power sensing technologies have emerged for acquiring physiologically indicative patient signals. However, to enable devices with high clinical value, a critical requirement is the ability to analyze the signals to extract specific medical information. Yet given the complexities of the underlying processes, signal analysis poses numerous challenges.(More)
The goal of digital preservation is to ensure long-term access to digitally stored information. In this paper, we present a survey of techniques used in digital preservation. We also introduce representative digital preservation projects and case studies that provide insight into the advantages and disadvantages of different preservation strategies.(More)