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Eye tracking has been used to investigate gaze behaviours in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, traditional analysis has yet to find behavioural characteristics shared by both children and adults with ASD. To distinguish core ASD gaze behaviours from those that change with development, we examined temporo-spatial gaze patterns in(More)
Anti-Lactobacillus johnsonii (LJ) antisera generated by immunization of rabbits with LJ reacted with glyceroglycolipids in LJ, i.e. dihexaosyl diacylglycerol (DH-DG), trihexaosyl DG (TH-DG) and tetrahexaosyl DG (TetH-DG), whose reactivities with antisera increased proportionally with longer carbohydrate chains of glycolipids. Structural analyses of(More)
The Lactobacillus species in the digestive tracts of immune-deficient scid mice was distinct from that in control mice, i.e. Lactobacillus murinus in scid and L. johnsonii in control mice, according to their 16S-rRNA, indicating that a symbiotic relationship between lactobacilli and a host is established under pressure from the immune system. The caecal and(More)
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by surgery (NCS) has not been fully evaluated clinically. Currently, the main regimen of neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) used in NCS includes cisplatin. The antitumor effects of NAC reduce lymph node metastasis and the tumor diameter in patients prior to surgery, and this can reduce the number of high risk patients who(More)
Transfection of the mouse Fut1 and Fut2, and human FUT1 genes into human ovarian carcinoma-derived RMG-1 cells resulted in 20-30-fold increases in cellular alpha1,2-fucosyltransferase activity, and in alteration of the glycolipid composition, including not only fucosylated products, but also precursor glycolipids. Although globo-series glycolipids were not(More)
STUDY QUESTION What are the reproductive and obstetric outcomes in patients undergoing radical abdominal trachelectomy (RAT) for early-stage cervical cancer? SUMMARY ANSWER When RAT was performed before a pregnancy achieved with fertility treatments, pregnancy rate of 36.2% was obtained and 71.4% of these women gave birth at ≥ 32 weeks of gestation. (More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate pregnancy outcomes in women after abdominal radical trachelectomy (RT) for early-stage cervical cancer. METHODS The patients' background, fertility, and pregnancy outcomes were reviewed in a total of 61 pregnancies in 48 of 172 women who underwent abdominal RT at Keio University Hospital between September 2002 and December 2013.(More)
OBJECTIVE Some patients with Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS) need epilepsy surgery for adequate seizure control and prevention of psychomotor deterioration. The majority of patients with SWS have leptomeningeal angioma located over the temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes. We applied posterior quadrant disconnection surgery for this type of SWS with(More)
AIM Breast milk is rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is selectively concentrated in neuronal membranes and is thought to be necessary for optimal neurodevelopment. This study evaluated the relationship between breastfeeding, especially the resultant DHA level in the red blood cell (RBC) membranes of infants, and the cognitive function of(More)
Human symbiotic bacteria, Lactobacillus reuteri (LR) in the intestines, Staphylococcus epidermidis (SE) in skin and Streptococcus salivalis (SS) in the oral cavity, contain dihexaosyl diglycerides (DH-DG) in concentrations equivalent to those of phosphatidyl glycerol (PG) and cardiolipin (CL), together with mono- to tetrahexaosyl DGs. The molecular species,(More)