Kyoko Isoyama

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The expression of adenoviral vector (Ad)-mediated lacZ and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in mouse olfactory epithelium (OE) was examined, and the effect of BDNF on the survival of the bulbectomized OE was evaluated. A recombinant adenovirus, Ax1CAlacZ, was administrated into the mouse OE after bulbectomy, and the expression of a transferred E.(More)
Adenovirus is a good tool for transferring exogenous genes into various organs because the virus has a wide spectrum of infection. In this report, we demonstrate that a recombinant adenovirus, Ax1CAlacZ, can transfer an exogenous lacZ gene into murine nasal mucosa in vivo. The efficiency of the exogenous gene expression varied for different cell types and(More)
CONCLUSION The results of this study demonstrate that suppression of inflammation by dexamethasone attenuates the host immune response against adenoviral-mediated gene transfection and thereby prolongs transgene expression in murine nasal mucosa. OBJECTIVES Gene transfer using a recombinant adenovirus is a good tool for research and clinical applications,(More)
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