Kyoko Fukita

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We examined blood samples of 214 forensic autopsy cases, excluding fire victims, on a CO-oximeter system in order to evaluate post-mortem oxymetric profiles with reference to the causes of death. Oxyhemoglobin (O2-Hb) levels in the left and right heart blood, respectively, ranged from 0 to 97.7% and from 0 to 92.1%, showing no apparent correlation with the(More)
The concept of pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) closely resemble each other. Both ICD-10 and DSM-IV use the term PDD. The authors surveyed the perception of PDD/ASD and attitudes toward terminology. The subjects of this study were 205 medical/social-welfare professionals working in fields relating to developmental(More)
In order to investigate the pathophysiology of death due to fires, we examined blood samples of 48 fire victims on CO-oximeter systems and evaluated the oxymetric differences between arterial and venous blood as well as those between the heart and peripheral blood. Post-mortem carboxyhemoglobin (CO-Hb) levels in the left and right heart blood, respectively,(More)
We report a case of self-decapitation by suicidal hanging from a river bridge and discuss the decapitation mechanism, reviewing the literature. The torso and the head of the victim, respectively, were found apart in a river approximately 100 m and 600 m, respectively, downstream from the bridge in two days. Morphological, serological and DNA analyses(More)
In order to verify forensic pathological significance of immunohistochemical investigation of pulmonary surfactant, 11 forensic and 16 clinico-pathological cases of perinatal death were comparatively examined. Surfactant appeared in some infants of 31-32 weeks gestation and was usually positive thereafter, indicating maturity of fetal lungs, although it may(More)
We report a case of sudden death due to cardiac conduction system injury from a blunt chest impact. A 20 year old male, kicked in the precordial region, lost consciousness, and was confirmed dead on arrival at a hospital emergency care unit. According to his friends, they played a golf competition accompanied with a physical punishment. The victim, losing(More)