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To identify novel functions of the oral intake of sweet corn, we performed DNA microarray analysis of the livers of sweet corn-fed mice. Functional annotation clustering 1600 genes with expression levels that were affected (more than 1.5-fold change) by dietary sweet corn indicated that both cell proliferation and programmed cell death were modulated by(More)
A 9-year-old spayed female cat was examined for cheek skin drainage. The skin lesion did not respond to medical therapy; thereafter, facial deformity developed. A computed tomography revealed an intranasal mass and maxillary osteolysis. The mass was histopathologically diagnosed as suppurative granulomatous inflammation caused by filamentous bacteria. The(More)
A Pomeranian puppy which died from diarrhea and nasal discharge showed catarrhal pneumonia, acute enteritis and focal liver necrosis. Slender bacilli were detected within ileal enterocytes and hepatocytes. A double infection with a distemper virus and Tyzzer's organism at a cellular level was seen within the ileal enterocytes.
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