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Cryptographic algorithms are used in a large variety of different applications to ensure security services. It is, thus, very interesting to investigate various implementation platforms. Hyperelliptic curve schemes are cryptographic primitives to which a lot of attention was recently given due to the short operand size compared to other algorithms. They are(More)
Recently, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is practically applied to a number of logistics processes as well as asset management, and RFID is also expected to be permeated in our daily life with the name of 'ubiquitous computing' or 'ubiquitous network' within the near future. The global R&D groups now have paid attention to integrate(More)
This paper presents face recognition with activity level fusion of visible and thermal image using multiscale decomposition. Image fusion combines images with different features to obtain a single composite image with extended information for better recognition performance. The proposed fusion technique adoptively controls the fusion ratio between visible(More)
Cell phone forensics to acquire and analyze data in the cellular phone is nowadays being used in a national investigation organization and a private company. In order to collect cellular phone flash memory data, we have two methods. Firstly, it is a logical method which acquires files and directories from the file system of the cell phone flash memory.(More)
Location-based services or LBS refer to value-added service by processing information utilizing mobile user location. With the rapidly increasing wireless Internet subscribers and world LBS market, the various location based applications are introduced such as buddy finder, proximity and security services. As the killer application of the wireless Internet,(More)