Kyoichi Kishi

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A new myeloid cell line (KU812) was established from a patient with blastic crisis of chronic myelogenous leukemia. His blasts were morphologically characteristic of immature basophils and basophil colonies were grown in agar culture of the blood mononuclear cells. Suspension culture of his blood cells was continued for more than 2.5 years. The KU812 cells(More)
In this study, we examined pathophysiological roles of osteoactivin, a functionally unknown type I membrane glycoprotein, in mouse skeletal muscle atrophied by denervation (sciatic neurectomy). Denervation increased the amounts of osteoactivin, vimentin, matrix metalloproteinase-3 (MMP-3), and MMP-9 in mouse gastrocnemius muscle. Interestingly,(More)
Intact osteoactivin, a novel type I membrane glycoprotein, were shed at a dibasic motif in the juxtamembrane region in C2C12 myoblasts. Extracellular fragments were secreted into the culture media by a putative metalloprotease. Extracellular fragments of osteoactivin, but not control protein, induced matrix metalloprotease-3 (MMP-3) expression in NIH-3T3(More)
The NADPH oxidase 1 (Nox1) is a gp91(phox) homologue preferentially expressed in the colon. We have established primary cultures of guinea pig large intestinal epithelial cells giving 90% purity of surface mucous cells. These cells spontaneously released superoxide anion (O(2)(-)) of 160 nmol/mg protein/h and expressed the Nox1, p22(phox), p67(phox), and(More)
Skeletal muscles are vulnerable to marked atrophy under microgravity. This phenomenon is due to the transcriptional alteration of skeletal muscle cells to weightlessness. To further investigate this issue at a subcellular level, we examined the expression of approximately 26,000 gastrocnemius muscle genes in space-flown rats by DNA microarray analysis.(More)
Mast cells (MC), blood basophils (Ba) and monocytes (Mo) are of haemopoietic origin. Lineage-relationships and transdifferentiation between MC and Mo, or MC and Ba, have been considered, based on common expression of antigens. In this study, comparative phenotypic analyses on MC, Ba and Mo and on respective cell lines were performed using monoclonal(More)
Although it is well known that CD8(+) cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) play an important role in the suppression of cancer cell growth, the significance of CD4(+) CTLs in resistance to cancer is obscure. In an attempt to elucidate the role of CD4(+) CTLs in immunosurveillance of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), we examined the immunologic functions of(More)
NADPH oxidase 1 (Nox1), a homolog of gp91(phox), is dominantly expressed in large intestinal epithelium, and reactive oxygen species derived from Nox1 are suggested to serve a role in host defense. We report that interferon (IFN)-gamma, a crucial transactivator of the gp91(phox) gene, also stimulates expression of Nox1 mRNA and protein in large intestinal(More)
We have previously reported that spaceflight and tail suspension enhanced degradation of rat myosin heavy chain (MHC) in association with activation of a ubiquitin-dependent proteolytic pathway [Ikemoto et al., FASEB J. 15 (2001), 1279-1281]. To elucidate whether the ubiquitination is accompanied by oxidative stress, we measured markers for oxidative(More)