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Thallium(III) nitrate-mediated efficient synthesis of 2-arylpropionic acids from 1-halogenoethyl aryl ketones
Treatment of 1-halogenoethyl aryl ketones [4′-RC6H4COCH(X)Me](1; R = H, Bui, OMe, Me, Ph, or Br; X = Br or Cl) with Tl(NO3)3·3H2O and perchloric acid in a trialkyl orthoformate at 25–50 °C affordsExpand
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The Reaction of Bis (glycinato) copper (II) for Threonin Synthesis
The reaction of bis (glycinato) copper (II) with vinyl acetate or acetaldehyde in the presence of basic catalyst has been studied in oder to prepare threonine without accompanied formation ofExpand
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Synthesis of 2'-Hydroxy-2-Benzyl-5, 9-Dimethyl-6, 7-Benzomorphan from Tyrosine
チロシン (Tyr) を原料とし, 2'-ヒドロキシ-2-ベンジル-5, 9-ジメチル-6, 7-ベンゾモルファン (1a) の合成について検討した。Tyrから4工程を経て3-ベンジルアミノ-4- (p-メトキシフェニル) -2-ブタノン (6) とし, (6) と3-ブロモ-1-エトキシブタンとのGrignard試薬との反応によって2-ベンジルアミノ-6-エトキシ-1-Expand
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