Kyohei Yoshida

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Low-density parity-check codes have been known to exhibit good error correcting performance by using with the belief propagation (BP) decoding. The group shuffled BP decoding, which is a modification of the BP decoding, can exhibit a better performance than BP decoding by suitably grouping variable nodes in a Tanner graph. In this letter, we propose a new(More)
Recently to achieve the Exa-flops next generation computer system, the power consumption becomes the important issue. On the other hand, the power consumption character of application program is not so considered now. In this study we examine the power character of our Magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) simulation code for the global magnetosphere to evaluate the(More)
In this paper, we propose the logistic map over Z<sub>2n</sub>. We describe conjectures, and some statistical properties for the logistic map over Z<sub>2n</sub>. We also conjecture that the control parameters will change the behavior of the mapping, and we show that logistic map over Z<sub>2n</sub> may be suitable for application.
Human-robot interaction requires intuitive interface that is not possible using devices, such as, the joystick or teaching pendant, which also require some trainings. Instruction by gesture is one example of an intuitive interfaces requiring no training, and pointing is one of the simplest gestures. We propose simple pointing recognition for a mobile robot(More)
In human robot interaction, intuitive interface is necessary. A specific interaction device, for instance, a joystick or a teaching pendant, is not usually intuitive and needs trainings for a general user. Instruction by gesture is one of the intuitive interfaces and a potential user does not need any training for showing a gesture. Pointing is one of the(More)
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