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PURPOSE To assess the utility of FDG-PET in anal cancer for staging and impact on radiotherapy planning (RTP), response and detection of recurrent disease. METHODS AND MATERIALS Fifty histopathological anal cancer patients were reviewed between 1996 and 2006. The median age was 58 years (range 36-85) with 19 males:31females. Clinical assessment with CT(More)
Previous papers have discussed the successful treatment of orbital lymphoid tumors using a low-vacuum contact lens placed directly on the eye and the use of a lead bar suspended over the eye with a retort stand. In this paper, a novel approach using a cerrobend bar attached to an electron shield for the treatment of a conjunctival lymphoma is presented.(More)
One feature of the dynamic wedge is the improved flatness of the beam profile in the nonwedged direction when compared to fixed wedges. Profiles in the nonwedged direction for fixed wedges show a fall-off in dose away from the central axis when compared to the open field profile. This study will show that there is no significant difference between open(More)
  • Kym Rykers
  • Australasian Physical & Engineering Sciences in…
  • 2016
The demand for individuals with a science and maths based education is growing worldwide with predictions that over 20 % of all future occupations will require at least a basic degree with a maths or science major [1, 2]. The diversity of jobs is increasing with new occupations also being created; with each year there will be greater competition to persuade(More)
In this work a method of using Kodak X-Omat V film to measure beam profiles for dynamically wedged fields is presented. Also, the profiles determined by film measurement are compared with those measured with an ion chamber (0.12 cm3 Scanditronix RFA 300 RK) and an array of silicon diodes (11 channel Scanditronix linear diode array). The beam investigated is(More)
The introduction of IMRT requires users to confirm that the isodose distributions and relative doses calculated by their planning system match the doses delivered by their linear accelerators. To this end the commercially available software, VeriSoft (PTW-Freiburg, Germany) was trialled to determine if the tools and functions it offered would be of benefit(More)
Assessing the methods available to model wedge factors as applied to dynamic wedges over a comprehensive range of field elongations is the primary intention of this paper. Wedge factors for dynamically produced wedges were investigated by a series of measurements for square and rectangular fields. A Varian 600C linear accelerator was used for the(More)
A tissue substitute of combine dressing (gauze and cottonwool) soaked with liquid paraffin was found to be a practical, easily manufactured and inexpensive buildup material for use in treating radiation therapy patients with electron and photon beams. Tissue equivalence was measured for electron energies of 6, 9, 12, and 16 MeV and photon energies of 6 MV(More)
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