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DMP 504, a highly cross-linked insoluble polymer, is a bile acid sequestrant developed by the DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company for serum cholesterol reduction. Since DMP 504 is insoluble, it was necessary to develop unique specific analytical methods to measure and control the quality of different lots of the drug. Since the mechanism of action of DMP 504 is(More)
Human rhinovirus strains differ greatly in their virulence, and this has been correlated with the differing substrate specificity of the respective 2A protease (2Apro). Rhinoviruses use their 2Apro to cleave a spectrum of cellular proteins important to virus replication and anti-host activities. These enzymes share a chymotrypsin-like fold stabilized by a(More)
DMP 504 is a high molecular weight polymer currently under development by The DuPont Merck Pharmaceutical Company as a novel bile acid sequestrant to lower serum cholesterol. To assess its safety, DMP 504 is incorporated into rodent diet for oral administration to rats and mice. An analytical method was developed to determine the accuracy and homogeneity of(More)
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