Kylie Foster

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The spatial and temporal frequency selectivity of 148 neurones in the striate cortex, V1, and of 122 neurones in the second visual cortical area, V2, of the macaque monkey were studied using sine-wave gratings of suprathreshold contrast drifting over the receptive field at the preferred orientation and direction. Neurones in V1 and V2 were selective for(More)
This article introduces a new way of recording intraoral pressures from a range of locations within the oral cavity. To measure pressure flow dynamics during swallowing, we fitted eight miniature pressure transducers capable of measuring absolute pressures to a chrome-cobalt palatal appliance with a labial bow. Unlike previous devices, our design provides a(More)
The goal of this study is to develop a customised computer model that can accurately represent the motion of vocal articulators during vowels and consonants. Models of the articulators were constructed as Finite Element (FE) meshes based on digitised high-resolution MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans obtained during quiet breathing. Articulatory(More)
throughput experiments to assess various zeolite compositions: the window of compositions that yielded ITQ-33 is narrow, and outside the common range usually used to prepare zeolites. This demonstration that new materials can be discovered within such a narrow compositional window should lead to the wider use of high-throughput technology in the search for(More)
Forty single-rooted teeth were sectioned transversely through the cementoenamel junction and instrumented to a size #50 K-Flex file at the working length by saline irrigation. Each root was placed in a dilution vial containing 10 ml of normal saline, and the pH and Ca2+ levels were recorded after 24 h. The roots in group 1 then received a final irrigation(More)
Patients with odontogenic cutaneous sinus tracts usually seek treatment from a physician instead of a dentist and the etiology is frequently misdiagnosed. This case report describes a patient who sought treatment from a dentist because of a history of a previous cutaneous swelling on the ipsilateral side of his cheek. The etiology of the present swelling(More)
Hydropower is a major energy source in Sweden, and proper reservoir management prior to the spring-flood onset is crucial for optimal production. This requires accurate forecasts of the accumulated discharge in the spring-flood period (i.e. the spring-flood volume, SFV). Today’s SFV forecasts are generated using a model-based climatological ensemble(More)
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