Kylie Armstrong

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The purpose of the research project was to examine the effects of exercise, social support and depression on postnatal women who reported experiencing postnatal depression. A 12-week randomized, controlled trial was conducted investigating the effects of an exercise intervention group (a pram-walking programme for mothers and their babies ) compared to a(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper provides a review of key issues affecting the uptake of clinical guidelines by general practitioners (GPs) in Australia and internationally. Attention is given to the barriers that affect guideline uptake, the quality of guidelines and the dissemination of guidelines to GPs in practice settings. METHOD A comprehensive(More)
The translation of information into practice is a well-recognised challenge for the health sector. In the primary healthcare sector, the last decade has seen an explosion of information generated by health systems, universities and a range of other sources. Without a system for translating that knowledge into practice and sharing it in a comprehensible(More)
The healthcare system in Australia is struggling to meet the healthcare needs of the ageing population. The pressure on health systems to solve these complex problems can create a sense of urgency to find a panacea in concepts such as coordinated care. A common understanding of coordinated care is often assumed when, in reality, the concept is neither(More)
A 12-week randomized controlled trial was conducted (n = 20) investigating the effects of a multi-intervention programme of exercise and social support compared to a control group. Both groups had given birth in the past 12 months and were experiencing depressive symptomatology. Pretest data of physical fitness and structured questionnaires were compared to(More)
This paper explores the role of practice nurses in the coordination of care for people with chronic conditions. A sample of practice nurses and general practitioners participated in a focus group discussion to identify their perspectives on the role of the practice nurse and the specific tasks that might be conducted by practice nurses. The findings(More)
For the last decade, self-management has been touted as a panacea to the ills of the health system. It has been largely interpreted as education for people with chronic diseases to enable them to manage their own health care more effectively, maintain their health in optimal state and minimize the consequences of their condition. This interpretation of(More)
A nexus between research and practice Key Opinion The 'Collaborative Research Hub' is the response to an evolutionary movement which represents the ground swell of support for changes in the health system to support living well in the community. Change is needed and the responsibility needs to be shared across all sectors. To support the vision will take;(More)
A nexus between research and practice Knowledge Networks Knowledge networks will support the rapid adoption of the reform agenda and consolidate expertise and knowledge to advance improvements in human service research and discovery. Knowledge networks will be established under each priority research stream and used as a platform to support an action(More)
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