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Climate warming over the next century is expected to have a large impact on the interactions between pathogens and their animal and human hosts. Vector-borne diseases are particularly sensitive to warming because temperature changes can alter vector development rates, shift their geographical distribution and alter transmission dynamics. For this reason,(More)
Savanna plant communities change considerably across time and space. The processes driving savanna plant species diversity, coexistence and turnover along environmental gradients are still unclear. Understanding how species respond differently to varying environmental conditions during the seedling stage, a critical stage for plant population dynamics, is(More)
Our understanding of the effects of tropical cyclones on species composition and dynamics of forest communities is mainly derived from studies that have considered single cyclonic events. Here we examined changes in the tree species and functional trait composition in an 8-ha Dipterocarp forest at Palanan in the northeastern Philippines that is subject to a(More)
(2016). Lianas suppress seedling growth and survival of 14 tree species in a Panamanian tropical forest. Ecology 97: 215-224. (2016). Liana canopy cover mapped throughout a tropical forest with high-fidelity imaging spectroscopy. (2016). Top-down versus bottom-up ecological control in cacao, Theobroma cacao L. Tropical Agriculture, in press. (2016).(More)
Metabarcoding potentially offers a rapid and cheap method of monitoring biodiversity, but real-world applications are few. We investigated its utility in studying patterns of litter arthropod diversity and composition in the tropics. We collected litter arthropods from 35 matched forest-plantation sites across Xishuangbanna, southwestern China. A new primer(More)
Changes in land use may lead to increased soil nutrient levels in many ecosystems (e.g. due to intensification of agricultural fertilizer use). Plant species differ widely in their response to differences in soil nutrients, and for savannas it is uncertain how this nutrient enrichment will affect plant community dynamics. We set up a large controlled(More)
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