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of oxidative stress with hyperbarics. As a result of the treatment, our son's language, sociability, and overall cognition improved greatly. In addition, he had the first normal bowel movement in his life (he had suffered with chronic diarrhea for years). Dr. Rossignol followed up that study with a new study that was published in March 2009 3. In it, he(More)
The inhalation of silica has been shown to produce a dramatic inflammatory and toxic response within the lungs of humans and laboratory animals. A variety of cellular and biochemical parameters are used to assess the silica-induced lung injury. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the use of luminol-dependent chemiluminescence as a new method to study(More)
Traditionally, hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) is indicated in several clinical disorders include decompression sickness, healing of problem wounds and arterial gas embolism. However, some investigators have used HBOT to treat individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). A number of individuals with ASD possess certain physiological abnormalities(More)
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