Kyle Thames

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A number of chemical modifications were made to purified human IgG1. The effects of these modifications on the complement activity of the immunoglobulin were studied using aggregation on latex and measuring the consumption of the complement by CH50-quantitation. Tryptophan and tyrosine are implicated in the complement fixing site of this human(More)
Indirect evidence for the complement-fixing site of human IgG1 has been found by using chemical modification of the immunoglobulin. These results implicate the amino acid residues, tryptophan, tyrosine, and arginine. Furthermore, by the use of synthetic peptides it has been shown that the area surrounding the tryptophan and tyrosine at positions 277 and 278(More)
Discoloration-resistant calcium aluminosilicate cement has been formulated to overcome the timely problem of tooth discoloration reported in the clinical application of bismuth oxide-containing hydraulic cements. The present study examined the effects of this experimental cement (Quick-Set2) on the viability and proliferation of human dental pulp stem cells(More)
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