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This work combines electrophoretic deposition (EPD) with direct-ink writing (DIW) to prepare thin films of Al/CuO thermites onto patterned two- and three-dimensional silver electrodes. DIW was used to write the electrodes using a silver nanoparticle ink, and EPD was performed in a subsequent step to deposit the thermite onto the conductive electrodes.(More)
Studies of the kinetics of electrophoretic deposition (EPD) processes have generally focused on electrode geometries that yield analytical solutions, such as infinite parallel planes and concentric cylinders. In this article, we construct a finite element model for EPD of material onto a planar strip electrode, which shows excellent qualitative agreement to(More)
3D-printing methods are used to generate reactive material architectures. Several geometric parameters are observed to influence the resultant flame propagation velocity, indicating that the architecture can be utilized to control reactivity. Two different architectures, channels and hurdles, are generated, and thin films of thermite are deposited onto the(More)
Metallic copper nanoparticles are produced by spray pyrolysis of copper nitrates with an addition of ethanol as cosolvent at 600 degrees C. Depending on the synthesis temperature, two interesting reaction pathways are found: below 525 degrees C, approximately 10% of hollow Cu(2)O parent particles are oxidized to CuO and then reduced to Cu, but at higher(More)
We investigate local-field effects in nonlinear optical materials composed of two species of atoms. One species of atom is assumed to be near resonance with an applied field and is modeled as a two-level system while the other species of atom is assumed to be in the linear regime. If the near dipole-dipole interaction between two-level atoms is negligible,(More)
The ability to judge the separation between two target lines deteriorates as the base separation increases. Several lines of evidence suggest that this may be due to larger base separations being processed by mechanisms that cover larger areas and which have a greater associated positional uncertainty as a consequence. Separation discrimination was measured(More)
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