Kyle Sullivan

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Sex and cystic fibrosis status have been previously diagnosed separately at the single cell level. We have developed a sensitive, reliable, accurate and rapid (within 5-6 h) system for the simultaneous diagnosis of sex, cystic fibrosis and a DNA 'fingerprint' within a single reaction from a variety of single cells. As contamination cannot be totally(More)
Cell and particle quantification is one of the frequently used techniques in biology and clinical study. Variations of cell/particle population and/or protein expression level can provide information on many biological processes. In this chapter, we propose an image-based automatic quantification approach that can be applied to images from both fluorescence(More)
Title of Document: IGNITION, COMBUSTION AND TUNING OF NANOCOMPOSITE THERMITES Kyle Sullivan, Doctor of Philosophy, 2010 Directed By: Full Professor, Michael Zachariah, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry Nanocomposite thermites, or Metastable Intermolecular Composites (MICs), are energetic systems involving the reaction between nanoparticles(More)
Metallic copper nanoparticles are produced by spray pyrolysis of copper nitrates with an addition of ethanol as cosolvent at 600 degrees C. Depending on the synthesis temperature, two interesting reaction pathways are found: below 525 degrees C, approximately 10% of hollow Cu(2)O parent particles are oxidized to CuO and then reduced to Cu, but at higher(More)
It has been well established that many types of rapidly dividing normal and diseased cells require an increased amount of folate for DNA replication and repair as well as cellular metabolism. Thus one of folate's cognate receptors, Folate Receptor 1 (FOLR1) is usually up-regulated in rapidly dividing cells, including many types of cancerous tumors. Because(More)
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