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Assessment of potential risks of complex contaminant mixtures in the environment requires integrated chemical and biological approaches. In support of the US Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the US Environmental Protection Agency lab in Duluth, MN, is developing these types of methods for assessing possible risks of aquatic contaminants in near-shore(More)
The objective of this study was to determine during rotation the relative importance of a scene in achieving "visual dominance" over non-visual vestibular orientation inputs, e.g., otolith and semicircular canals. Five visual scenes were presented, while rotating the subject (at three angular acceleration rates), to obtain the vestibular and optokinetic(More)
INTRODUCTION Rapid palatal expanders (RPEs) have attachments cemented to the teeth and a screw that covers the palate. Because of their position and relative size, RPEs can affect speech. Our objective was to assess speech perturbation and adaptation related to RPE appliances over time. METHODS RPEs were planned for the treatment of 22 patients in the(More)
In the work reported in the literature the reduction or decrement in the magnitude of the Müller-Lyer illusion with continued inspection has been typically investigated with the use of the composite illusion form. Three experiments are reported in which the illusion decrement was separately examined in the underestimated (wings-in) and the overestimated(More)
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