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Although orbital or subperiosteal abscess may originate from a number of sources, paranasal ethmoidal sinus disease is the most common source of infection, particularly in children. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are necessary to prevent severe visual loss and even death. The authors review the five-group classification of orbital abscess and summarize data(More)
Bovine antithrombin III (AT III) interaction with the luminal surface of bovine aortic segments with a continuous layer of endothelium was examined. Incubation of 125I-AT III with vessel segments, previously washed free of endogenous AT III, demonstrated specific, time-dependent binding to the protease inhibitor to the endothelium. Half-maximal binding was(More)
A 52-year-old black man evaluated for a left cataract following an iritis was incidentally noted to have a vascularized, firm, inflammatory-appearing left caruncular mass. Removal of the cataract and of the left caruncular mass led to the discovery that the latter was composed of dilated channels containing secretory globoid bodies; the cyst wall was(More)
Diabetes is a collection of diseases marked by high levels of glucose in the blood. The condition results from defects in insulin production or function, which are activities performed by the pancreas. Within the endocrine system of the pancreas lie clusters of cells called islets. Each islet is composed of four different cells, the most prevalent of which(More)