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Multiple myeloma is a hematologic malignancy associated with destructive bone loss. Lytic lesions, a hallmark of this cancer, can result in significant morbidity because of associated pain and structural osseous compromise. Osteoplasty has demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of myelomatous pain within the axial skeleton; however, there is limited(More)
The lack of access to prostheses is a global problem, partially caused by the high cost associated with the current manufacturing process. Three-dimensional printing is gaining use in the medical field, and one such area is prosthetics. In addition to using cost-effective materials, this technology allows for rapid prototyping, making it an efficient(More)
BACKGROUND Headache (HA) is a significant cause of morbidity globally. Despite many available treatment options, HAs that are refractory to conservative management can be challenging to treat. Third occipital nerve (TON) and greater occipital nerve (GON) irritation are potential etiologic agents of primary and cervicogenic HAs that can be targeted using(More)
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