Kyle R. Wilt

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The linear propagation of electromagnetic and dilatational waves through a sandwiched plate piezoelectric transformer (SPPT)-based acoustic-electric transmission channel is modeled using the transfer matrix method with mixed-domain two-port ABCD parameters. This SPPT structure is of great interest because it has been explored in recent years as a mechanism(More)
This paper presents a system capable of simultaneous high-power and high-data-rate transmission through solid metal barriers using ultrasound. By coaxially aligning a pair of piezoelectric transducers on opposite sides of a metal wall and acoustically coupling them to the barrier, an acoustic- electric transmission channel is formed which prevents the need(More)
This paper presents a method for two-way ultrasonic communication and power delivery through thick metallic enclosures without physical penetration. Acoustic-electric channels are implemented using a pair of coaxially aligned piezoelectric transducers having 25.4 mm diameters and 1 MHz nominal resonant frequencies, mounted on steel walls having lengths in(More)
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